Online stores

E-commerce is a form of trade which consists of buying and selling products or services through the Internet via web pages. The most popular method is e-commerce (online shops), which puts new challenges and new opportunities. Online sales of goods and services give us the opportunity to purchase products we are interested in at any time and anywhere on the world in lower prices than in “traditional” stores.

Moderne-commerce systems support traditional distribution channels, and are also an excellent way to present a detailed offer of current products.

Online stores

Online shops show products in a simple and clear for customers’ way. The advantage of online shopping is the much wider coverage in the contrast to the traditional. The company's offerings can also be presented on international markets. Shopping over the Internet is becoming more popular, which directly translates into the number of sold goods and services in online stores.

We offer stores based on a system designed for professional management of the shop and internet sales. 


The functionality ofonline store

  • user registration and login to the shop
  • create product categories
  • product card includes availability, photo gallery, description of the product
  • creation of product properties
  • shopping Cart
  • product Search
  • editableuser profile
  • opportunity to evaluate and comment on the product
  • order status
  • location map- useful option for traditional stores
  • stocks
  • support forelectronic payment (credit card)
  • integration with the price comparison sites