Care, maintenance, upgrading and updating pages

The IT care is addressed to firms that need a professional maintenance of soft and hardware


The benefitsoftaking care of theside:


  • gain of time - you can take care of your core business,
  • guarantee that the changes will not interrupt the operation the page
  • ensure the proper functioning of all elements of the page
  • ensure good appearance of the page
  • Expandable Service
  • taking care of the order on the server
  • support in the processes of maintenance and operator training
  • immediate response in case of unexpected failure
  • making minor modifications in appearance and the mechanisms of action
  • the stability of your own business


We offer care service in the form of subscription or interventions.

  • Subscription- fixed monthly fee in which you will receive a number of hours of service.
  • Intervention- required signature of an agreement, payment after the job is finished accordingly to hourly rate.


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