Internet Portals

Internet portals and vertical portals are technologically advanced web sites, simply very complex web pages.


Customweb portal includes: 

  • ability of building communities around brands
  • the opportunity to connect sales with the community
  • a perfect place to publish information
  • a great PR tool,
  • the possibility to study consumer needs 


 The biggest benefit of web portals created by us, not mentioning the individual configuration of their features, is an emphasis on optimizing the source code for search engines. Portals are based on original content editing system - CMS, which allows maximum editing structure and content of the site, with maximum simplicity of administration – the operations are  similar  to the basic support for MS Word.


We provide new and unique solutions. Your project will stand out among the others and attract the attention of potential customers. With us you will save time, money and get a powerful Internet tool in the form of a modern and perfectly designed portal.

With us everything is possible. We are able to implement any order, regardless of the complexity of structure of the portal.


What for others is difficult for us is the norm.