Stages of Cooperation

  •    Step I - Interview with the client

The firststep of website creation is a conversation with the owner. Analysis of customer’s needs and expectations allows to match the needs and objectives to be fulfilled while creating ordered Website.

  •    Step II Planning

We decide on the milestones of the project which are vital to achieve the intended goals.

  •     StepIII - Design ofgraphics

Namely website designing. We make design according to the specification, keeping constant contact with the customer. At the end of work we present a graphical page design. In this step, we develop the whole scheme of navigation through the site.

  •    StepIV - Coding the Page

Ready product must be designed to display identically in each web browser. Simultaneously must be pleasant to use and easy to navigate.

  •    StepV - Implementation of content management system

In this step the attachment of the database takes place in order to install the CMS. You only need basic knowledge of computer to change the contents.

  •    StepVI - Testing

We check proper operation of the service.

  •    StepVII - Installation

We install the application on the server specified by the customer or on one of ours.

  •    StepVIII - Closethe order

Close the order. Summary and settlement of the job.