About Us

Our company is a provider of Internet technologies. We supplyour customers with the latest technology solutions and help them achieve success.

Now, we are making:

  • websites,
  • web sites managed by/with CMS system,
  • database systems,
  • online stores,
  • CRM, systems
  • internet portals,
  • templates for online auctions,
  • trademarks and logos,

We work using the latest technologies ensuring the best cost/performance and reliability of the created projects.
We want to give our customers solutions, which are best, match to the business plan. We approach each customer individually advising the solutions that are best suited to type of their business.

Enjoy to cooperation with Asenti.

Why choose Asenti?

Pursuing the projects, we take care about the smallest details. We keep regular contact with the customer to provide what was really wanted. We constantly improveour skills, we adapt to a rapidly changing technologies, which allows us deliver Service at the highest level.

  • Elastic team constantly improving capacities adjusting to changing market
  • Our software is compliant with standards, so it is capable of development
  • High quality software for very attractive prices
  • The customer has full control over the software and can make key decisions during the design works.